By Dua Khawar

I have to sleep at 8pm. Wake up at 6am and go to school at 7am. I come back at 2pm and do my homework from 3 to 5pm. Six to 7pm is for watching television or doing other activities. Seven to 8pm for having dinner and changing for bed. And finally read a bedtime story at 8pm and I easily fall asleep.

I am tired of all this I am so sad that I don’t even want to eat food now I also want to stay up till late night and watch TV five hours. I also want to call my friends and do parties. I also want to do everything that my friends do but mama says good kids are those who sleep early and wake up early in the morning. She says, kids who want to study more than all the friends don’t want to waste much time playing games and watching TV which will harm their eyes. And kids who wish to spend an unruly life which includes partying all night and not maintain a timetable in their lives, they don’t succeed in life. She told me that Allah Almighty loves those children who are aware of their duties and live a responsible and balanced life in which they have designated time fixed for all the day’s activities. Furthermore, children who have set goals and they struggle to pursue them with all their heart and will, one day succeed in life and make their parents and country proud.

Earlier I was little disappointed from my stagnant daily routine but now with my mother’s help we have developed a good timetable which flexible to keep my life entertaining without compromising on my health and studies. Now I am allowed to play another hour and she has also allowed me to invite over friends and plan a get together. I believe, I am leading a very happy and satisfied life. I am thankful to Allah Almighty to direct me towards the right way. I am quite hopeful that my life will turn out well with a taste me all joys and success.

Moral: Never hate your life whatever happens.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on October 14, 2017