By Ayesha Amber

That was a little empire across the river. There is a beautiful village on the one side of the river and there were mountains on the other side. The river was very beautiful, having crystal clear water. There was also a meadow. The lush green meadow and banksides are very captivating.

All villagers come to the river to fetch water. Maryam also goes to the river to fetch water with her mother. Her friends also come with their mothers. The mothers fetch water and wash clothes there. And their kids play with each other. Mehar un Nisa also comes there to play with kids. She was the daughter of the king of the empire.  As she was the only child of her parents, therefore she felt very happy to be among kids.

It was evening and Maryam came to the river with her sister and mother. Her mother was washing dishes and her sister was playing with the little princess Mehar un Nisa. Maryam does not like the princess because she always showed off her expensive and precious things. She was very arrogant. Maryam was feeling bored. Maryam has a talent of painting. She took a piece of stone and started making pictures on wet sand. She drew a girl. Who had a pitcher on her head holding with one hand.The girl in the drawing was standing so gracefully. Suddenly princess came there and saw the drawing. And looked at the Maryam, who was staring at her drawing. Princess was looking surprised. She was very impressed by Maryam’s art. Now the sun was setting down. And everyone was in the hurry to return home. Before spreading the complete darkness, all people reached their houses.

The next day, Maryam woke up due to the heavy noise in the surrounding. She became frightened and came out. She saw that Sara and Fiza in her neighborhood were quarreling.

Sara has a beautiful pen in her hand. Both were claiming that that pen belongs to her. No one knew the truth. Then Maryam wanted to go and solve the problem. But her sister stopped her and said,” Why are you going? You do not need to solve the issue.”

but Maryam was very honest and kind. She went and told that this pen belonged to Fiza. She felt that it was her duty to help Fiza. The princess gave her on her birthday. Sara’s mother said Sara to return the pen of Fiza and also apologize. Sara had to return the pen. Because everyone knew that Maryam never told a lie. All villagers believed in Maryam. Fiza thanked Maryam. Maryam was returning home when a servant of king said that king was calling Maryam in the palace. She got frightened because she had never been called before.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 16, 2017