By Ayesha Amber

She was very anxious when reached to the palace. She asked the king that how could I serve you our sovereign? The princess replied instead of the king and said I want that you to make my painting. Maryam did not want to do. But she was the princess and she had to obey princess. So a servant brought a lot of paints and brushes. Maryam set canvas and other things. And princess sat in front of her with a smiley face. Princess sat having a beautiful crown on her head and both hand in her lap. Maryam was consistently looking her amazing and beautiful crown. She liked that. She wished to have that crown. When she completed the painting she returned home. She expressed her feelings for the crown to her mother. Her mother told her that they are poor people and could not afford that crown. She advised her to forget about that crown. Maryam became sad and went to the bank-side. She always came there whenever she was sad. She put her face on her both hands and started thinking about the crown. That was unforgettable for her. Suddenly she turned right and saw heavy light beams. An old man was coming towards her. He had a crown in his hand. Man wanted to give that crown to Maryam. Maryam was afraid of the person and refused. But the old man said that that was her crown. The crown was same to the crown of the princess but the stones were of many colours.

Maryam said that they are very poor and could not afford to have such a precious crown. The old man said, “This crown is priceless little girl and you know these stones are only for you. No one can steal or buy these from you.” The old man pointed out stones and smiled.

But Maryam was looking confused and surprised. The old man got her position and said, “Little girl! These stones are not stones actually. But these are your good deeds. The crown of princess Meharun nisa has precious stone as diamond, alexandrites, opals and emerald. Your crown is decorated with priceless stones of honesty, kindness, and loyalty and hardworking. These are the stones never lose their shining. All girls are princesses in their own life. All of them have their own crowns. You must recognize your crown and empire. Maryam! Your empire is the hearts of people. People love you. You are princess, my dear! You are a princess with a beautiful crown.”

The old man impressed Maryam. Maryam became emotional and her eyes watered. She wiped her tears and opened her eyes. There was nothing neither old man nor crown. But Maryam can see the crown on her head. She was happy with her crown and empire. The sun was setting down across the mountains. And the sun of Maryam’s gloominess also set down. It was the time of new and fresh optimistic morning. She was awaken of dark dream of deprivation. Now she can see clearer than before.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 23, 2017