By Arooj Fatima

In ancient times there was a boy named Ali, who was very poor but kind hearted and hardworking. He lived with his parents in a village near sea. His father was a fisherman. They spend nights in water to capture fish so that they could sell them and their family would not suffer from hunger. They lived in a small cottage. In the village everyone was very poor but their hearts were large they always tried to help each other. If one night they did not have food to eat then their neighbors would give them food to eat and when they earned more money than they would immediately returned the favor. They were living a happy life they had fewer things to appreciate but had peaceful hearts. There was a man named Sudais Kamal, who came every month to make their lives miserable. He was the head of the village that came to take money from common tribesmen and who refused to give money and his thugs would punish and beat the villagers. Everyone in the village was very terrified from his name. Ali was a very brave boy and he was against him but he was helpless which further infuriated him.

One day Ali’s father was ill and they had to go to the sea to capture fish because they did not have money to eat so Ali decided to go alone. Before this he never went alone for hunt. He prepared the things and left the house. In his way the wind started blowing there were lot of ventures in the sky. Seeing upwards he said, “I think today will rain heavily but I have to go to capture fish.” In the sea while catching fish the wind started blowing and after that heavy rain started and thunder storm came and then suddenly he lost his balance and fell in his boat and became unconscious. Next morning when he woke up he was in his boat and the rain stopped. He stood up and saw his fishing rod it was moving he shouted with excitement, “Hurray I think today I have captured a big fish” but when he saw the net, there was no fish in it but a weird creature that was a girl from top but it was like a fish from bottom. He was very surprised and he took her with him.

When villagers saw that creature they start shouting “It’s a mermaid, It’s a mermaid someone informed the head” after hearing the news of mermaid the head immediately came. The mermaid was herself very terrified due to the behavior of villagers and she was crying and there were all pearls around her. When the head saw the pearls around her he become greedy and announced, “No one will touch her. She is mine and I will sell her to the king and will get appreciated and the king will grant me with expensive gifts”.

When Ali saw this situation he felt empathy for the mermaid. He was very kind hearted so he decided to release the mermaid secretly. He made plan with his parents and the villagers were also on his side because the head was very cruel and they all knew that he will treat the mermaid very badly so one night they all went to the mansion of the head and caught the mermaid and released her immediately in the sea. The mermaid was first very anxious when they caught her but when they released her she became very happy by their act of kindness. After going into the water she appeared again and gave Ali a very precious stone and he understood that she was thanking him for his kindness.

Ali took that stone to the royal court of king and told the whole story of mermaid, stone and all the cruel and unjust acts of village head. King was very kind hearted and he immediately called the head to his court and punished him. He further announced that from now on he would deal with all the problems of villagers and would do everything for the betterment of the villagers.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 23, 2017