By Sabene Rizvi

It was seventh period in Miss Carla’s class. Miss Carla was giving her lecture as usual when there was a knock on the classroom door and as Miss Carla approached the door, knock, knock, knock, the knocks became louder and louder but when she opened the door there was no one there. Miss Carla shut the door and continued with her lecture. Then after two minutes there was another knock on the door and this time Miss Carla hurried to open the door but again there was no one there. Miss Carla continued with her lesson. Fifteen minutes later there was another knock on the door. This time Miss Carla was furious and as she opened the door, she yelled, who is it! As soon as Miss Carla came to her senses, a shiver went up her spine as the principal was standing in front of her. The principal asked, what happened? Why are you yelling? Miss Carla said, “Someone has been knocking crazily on my classroom door. It’s been interrupting my lecture”. As the principal left, the children started laughing.

But soon they realized that they are in trouble for this irresponsible behavior. Miss. Carla lectured them on being ill-mannered and that they must learn the basics of respect because it will help them in different stages of life. The students had realized their mistake and the next day they left a note on Miss. Carla’s office desk, showing remorse for yesterday’s incident. Miss Carla entered the classroom exactly on time. She had smile on her face and she distributed candies among the students. She said, she was impressed by their kind gesture and continued her class.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 26, 2017