By Dua Khawar

Once upon a time there was a boy, his name was John. He was five-years-old. One day his elder brother Jack who was 10 years old was talking about dreams with his friends. He said he want to be an artist when he will grow up, John was listening their conversation and thought that if brother and his friends can have a dream why cannot I? But he did not know what is the meaning of dream so he went to his elder sister Emma, she was 13 years old. John asked Emma, “Can you please tell me the meaning of dream Emma? She replied, “I will tell you but why are you asking about this to which John replied I was listening to brother’s conversation with his friend on that time I heard the word dream. Emma said, dreams mean when we sleep at night in our head some sort of video is played, forexample one time you said that I have seen a remote control car when I was sleeping, remember? She inquired him while explaining. Now I have to do my homework so do not disturb me and please quietly go to your room and she shut the door. He thought that brother has seen artist in his dream but he had a doubt so he went to his mother who was in the kitchen cooking chicken. John hated chicken being fried and shouted, “No mom why are you cooking chicken you know I hate it.” Mom said just be quite, Emma loves this and you know today was Emmas turn to choose food for dinner, yesterday was your turn and you have used it. John was disheartened at her response, but he mustered up the courage to asked her the obvious question, I will leave but I have a question from you mom. Mother was in no mood for a question answer session, she refused to answer his question. She was exhausted and angry, so she said, go and do your homework if you will do your homework so I will give you juice. Ok mom but please listen to me once. No no no leave. Ok I am going don’t be angry John decided to ask the meaning of the word from her grandmother. He did but as he went to her room she was sleeping than he finally decided that he will ask this question from his brother he went to him and started with an apology. Jack had no idea why his younger brother was apologizing from him. He asked why was he saying sorry to which John said, I was listening to your conversation with your friends. I am really sorry. Jack said, “I am very lucky that I have a brother like you, you don’t need to be apologetic.” Then John proceeded, I want to ask you about the meaning of dream. Jack said, ohhh dear it means what you aspires to be when you grow up. That is it! Or you have more questions? John said, no I am happy with the answer for now, if I have other questions I will come directly to you. Jack: yes, you were searching for the word like the thirsty crow searched for water.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on October 21, 2017