By Sidra Zahoor

Sun was shining in the sky with full and sharp brightness.  Sun shone through Alzmir window which teased Prince eyelids to open. Prince of State of Romania Alzmir yawned, stretched his arms and got up from his bed. This day was ordinary for the people of State Romania but for royal family the day was special because the king and queen’s only Prince Alzmir was first time going for hunting.

King and queen were perturbed for their only Prince. King Momin and Queen Anisa had 3 princes before. The elder prince Umer was tall and humble person, middle prince Abdul hayee was handsome and fearless, third and younger prince Aune was short heighted but he was intelligent. Unfortunately, all three princes died one after one when they reached to puberty. These days for royal family were torment.

Royal family had cursed of a saint who lived in forest years ago. Grandfather of Prince was very rude and brutal once the grandfather of prince killed the deer with her little fawn. The saint cursed the Grandfather of prince his grandchildren will die when they will reach to puberty after dying 3 princes the curse will break.

Alzmir was fourth prince of king Momin and Queen Anisa. They always taught him to be gracious and sympathetic with people. Alzmir was stubborn and he always made sure that he got everything he wanted. Alzmir was obedient towards his mother he always listened his mother either he liked her advice or not. Alzmir liked to listen stories from his mother before going to sleep. Queen Anisa always told him stories which shown the humbleness and kindness towards people.

Prince Alzmir excitedly ate breakfast with King and Queen. Today alzmir was going for new experience and adventure he got ready. Queen and king came to him and advised him not to hurt anyone and take care of himself. Giant and huge soldiers were going with prince Alzmir but king and queen were still worried. Prince Alzmir was extraordinary in horse riding. While going towards forest prince left soldiers behind and went to another direction in excitement. Army chased him but prince got vanished from their sight. Prince Alzmir didn’t look behind and went forward in excitement. Prince reached to deep and dark part of forest where no one went.

Sudden horse slipped and prince fell down. He got injured when he looked around there was giant nakla trees. Darkness was deep there were creepy crawly things like spiders, ant, rats and little wild insects. Prince had no idea in excitement where he had come. Prince Alzmir called off but no one heard him in this dark and deep forest. He screamed a lot and his throat hurt and he was unabled to call someone for help. Darkness was horrifying and sound of animals terrifying him. He started crying with pain and thirst. Then he fell asleep. In his dream he saw an old man. He said him don’t worry little prince I will help you to find your way. Prince Alzmir asked old man who is he? Why he is helping him? The Old man smiled and replied “oh my little prince and next king of State Romania I am your virtue’’. Prince “what virtue I did? Once you saved chick from dying when it fell down from nest you putted it back to nest not let that chick for dying.” You can be a good ruling king of the Romania state. Old man guides him and prince reached to the palace. King and Queen got happy to see their only and beloved prince Alzmir. Prince Alzmir became king of Romania. Romania His people loved him since he looked after their needs well and kind to them. At the end of every month, he invited some noble and wise men of his kingdom to analyzed his work and advised him what he can do to make his people happy.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 26, 2017