By Dua Khawar

Hey Friends! how are you all doing? Today my blog is on a very important topic which is MACHINES OR OUR LIVES this is a very imporant topic because many of us are depending on computer and machines the question is WHY? Why are we depending on machines is that good NO NO  NO many people have stopped walking because of cars, motorbikes,bus,rickshaw,train,aeroplane and the latest invention of vehicals are hoverboards people are even using hoverboards in thier homes for example I am in my room and I want a snack I just simply use my hoverboard I go to the kitchen and take my snacks and come back this is not the way to live a life are we doing it right? NO than why are we depending on computers huh? OK let me tell you guys that people nowdays are hating to socialize with people  because of the application named WHATSAPP,TWITTER,FACEBOOK,SNAPCHAT and many other applications people just talk on the applications in the form of chatting if it’s someone’s birthday people simply write HAPPY BIRTHDAY and add a birthday cake emoji  even nowdays people are using these applications in home aswell for example I am upstairs and my brother is dowstairs I just message him that bring my magazine upstairs and he replies me that OK I will is the right way? NO than why are we depending on machines? I have one more thing to tell you guys that  WE ARE BECOMING LAZY BECAUSE OF THE NEW INVENTIONS now I will tell you the answer of the question WHY ARE WE DEPENDING ON MACHINES?

ANSWER:We are depending on machines because we donot want to work we all are very lazy we find ways to make the work easy that is very very bad we should not do that instead we should do more work because ALLAH loves the people who loves work.  


Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 18, 2017