By Sabene Rizvi

Molly was a silly young girl who was bullied by kids and taunted by teachers. Molly was often sitting alone at lunch and when she did sit with someone they always wanted her to buy their lunch which Molly couldn’t do like most kids because her father had died. One day, Molly was bullied by a bunch of older kids as she walked home, they cut her hair and the scissors accidentally cut her. She died on that footpath. 20 years went by and she returned to her old school in a form of a ghost. Some teachers who taunted her were still there she would stand behind them and ask, Why? Why only me? People could not see her until one day she felt extremely cold and put on a scarf and all of a sudden a young girl, Samantha walks in and shouts, “A flying scarf!!!!”. Miss Kelly came and said, “Silly girl you have gone mad” as she could not see what Samantha could see. The next day while Samantha was studying in Miss Kelly’s class. Miss Kelly said, “You know class, Samantha here likes to go off into a world of her own like yesterday when she imagined a flying scarf”. Samantha asked Miss Kelly to stop but Miss Kelly kept taunting Samantha and the kids kept laughing when Molly saw this her heart broke into two. She decided to meet Samantha later on that day and when she did Samantha was surprised but was a good sport. Molly told Samantha what happened to her and led Samantha to her diary where her stories of bullying were written and proof was also found in that diary. Samantha took those to the police and Molly soul was given justice.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 23, 2017