By Sabene Rizvi

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Bethany. One day Bethany met Mr. Teddy in the park, Bethany talked to Mr. Teddy for what seemed liked forever and a half and as she left, she said, “Would you like to come for tea, Mr. Teddy?”. Before he could answer, Bethany was taking him by force.  Bethany and Mr. Teddy sat on the bus which dropped them right next to Bethany’s house. Bethany rang the doorbell and her sister, Christy answered immediately.  Bethany and Christy proceeded to take Mr. Teddy into their room and play with him. They watched a mad tea party later on and Christy said, “Let’s have a tea party” and Bethany started jumping up and down in excitement and agreed. Christy took out her tea set which she had received on her tenth birthday. They played with it, pouring imaginary tea for each other. “Mr. Teddy looks exhausted and sleepy”, said Christy. Bethany said, “Oh my, we have been playing for so long, he was bound to get tired”. Christy said, “Come Mr. Teddy you can sleep in my bed” “Or my bed” said, Bethany. Bethany and Christy grabbed Mr. Teddy and tucked him in to Christy’s bed. Both the girls extremely tired fall asleep with Mr. Teddy, ………… The girls’ father Mr.  John bursts into the room. The girls wake up with a shocked look on their faces. Mr. John extremely angry said, “Where did you find that hideous toy?”. Christy said, “Bethany’s, the one who brought it, ask her” Bethany extremely scared said, “I found him on the park bench, abandoned, are you going to send him back?”. “Well, you can keep it but what is its name? I have to wash it.”, said, Mr. John. Bethany said, “His name is Mr. Teddy”.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 30, 2017