By Dua Khawar

Hey friends do you know what is negativity and positivity? If no then proceed reading, I am here to help you.                                      


Negative is the opposite of positive and its meaning is bad thoughts such as a student who has to collect his result from school. He thinks that he will be failed and think what his parents will say to him after watching his result. This is a negative thought so now we know that what is negative now we should move forward to positive.


Positive is the opposite of negative and its meaning is good thoughts as I have you told in the negative thought example Sam is a boy if he thinks that he will have good marks and think that what will his parents give him as present for the good marks now this will make him more happier now I would like to tell you some facts of thinking positive let’s go!

1-     We will feel fresh.

2-     We will not feel stressed.

3-     We will not get tensed over minor issues and stay free from depression.

These are not the only facts, in fact there are numerous advantages so should always think positive to take each step of our life with an optimistic approach.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 18, 2017