By Fatima Ali

A shoulder to cry upon, a calm ear to listen your miseries and soothing souls parted by a wall are nobody but neighbours. The one's who pat you on the back on an achievement or rub it to console you. Neighbours are just like family members , under another roof.

Neighbours are really kind creatures and help you. They are the one's who are ; inspite of the physical boundaries drawn between you and them , they are closer to your heart. They know your family's birthdays and remember them due to loud music and latenight celebrations they have to bear . They can stand by you in emergencies and blissful occassions. The one's who put you back on your feet when the world puts your nose out of joints.

Friendship with neighbours can bring you many benefits but we would never like somebody to invade our own personal home space bubble. We would never like anyone to break-in our family conversations and inside jokes, because in everyone's life there are such things that are not to be exposed to others.

So it is concluded, that neighbours are frank and kind people to befriend but by setting up some restrictions.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 9, 2017