Ahmed and Asif were friends and read in class five. Both were brilliant students and  help each other in studies. Their first semester exams started before summer vacations. One day Ahmed predicted to Asif he would stand first in the class. As a friend, Asif appreciated Ahmed and asked  him to work hard to fulfill his words.  Ahmed worked very hard by heart and soul and attempted his examination  brilliantly. He was very happy and confident that he would gain first position.

But on the result day, situation was against his expectations. Asif stood first and he got second position in the class.  The results made him disappointed and sad. He complained his mother and father that he had worked hard for the exams to get first position but all in vain. Next time he will not do any effort for the study. He has lost his heart.

Every one explained him that even though you studied hard but Asif worked well than you . Next time you have to work with new spirit definitely you will stand first in the class. Secondly, getting second score in the class is also a very good position and that even after hard work, if you do not get results according to  your desire it does mean that you have some deficiencies but you don’t know about them. But this thing did not satisfy him.

To get him out of this disappointment, Asif  got an idea. He came to Ahmed with some games and a camera and asked him to choose one thing according to his desire. Ahmed chose camera, but he was shocked to know that the camera was malfunctioned. He complained to Asif but he said you have chosen this according to your desire “What can I do for you?” He said, “Ask me again, next time I will choose game.” Now Asif spoke politely that we all have been trying to say the same thing to you that you did not take much effort to get first in the class. Next time work hard with new spirit and ambition and you will definitely over come to your deficiencies and got first position in the class. Now Ahmed understood what everyone had been trying to say. He promised Asif that he will work hard for his goal to stand first in second semester examinations.

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Published in Young Nation Magazine on July 29, 2017