By Sabene Rizvi

1895, the dark side of the moon lies 80-year-old, Benedict Solar, missing his family, wondering where he went wrong, he wishes that when he was 30 years old, he had agreed to remain silent about the mafia selling drugs as he discovered their plot and was held at gunpoint and forced onto the spaceship. He learnt that the mafia had their office in the basement of the black market, the mafia worked in the pharmacy and would steal and sell prescription drugs that could cause damage if abused, he remembers January 15, 1845 as the horrifying day, he had pulled up a stage in the town center to expose them but before he could he was kidnapped by Bethany Asot, the head of the mafia. Going to expose us says Bethany.  Benedict begs Bethany, please don’t kill me. Bethany replies, okay I won’t kill you on one condition, join us.  Benedict says I’ll do anything but that. Bethany raises the gun to Benedict’s head when her daughter, Christy screams Mother, no. Please he is my teacher. Bethany says I am letting you live on my daughter’s plea but not on Earth, the spaceship is behind you get in. A scared Benedict gets in the spaceship. He then comes back to reality as he sees a rocket, he waves his arms and the rocket lands. Two young women get out, Angelica and Christy. Christy says, Mr. Benedict, it’s me Christy, don't worry my mother has been punished for her crimes. A glad Benedict says let’s go home.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 18, 2017