MANDI BAHAUDDIN-Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) Islamabad Chapter President Tariq Rahmani visited Mandi Bahauddin and held corner meetings with ex-servicemen at several villages.

He said unity, faith and discipline are golden principles to make an organisation strong. He urged the people to follow these principles to make the PESS more active and effective at village and union council levels to resolve social problems of the veterans.

Later, in a meeting was held at PESS office with Maj Rahmani as chief guest, district appointment holders Maqsud Rana, SM Bashir, M Aslam and Abdul Ghani briefed the guest on PESS district organisation and its welfare activities.

They claimed ex-servicemen's strength in their district was 31,000. Average strength of a family unit in Pakistan is seven members. Calculating on the basis, the PESS had 250,000 votes and with the huge vote bank it was in a strong position to make any candidate win the election in any constituency of the district. In previous elections, they supported PML-N and its all candidates won the seats, they said.

They unanimously passed a resolution and congratulated Maj Gen Tahir Bhutta, Brig Aamir Rahmani and their para-troopers for skilfully conducting freefall jumps from a height of 10,000 feet on Pak Day Parade in Islamabad. They congratulated them for showing superb performance. They also congratulated Maj-Gen Aimen Safdar Warraich for his elevation and assuming command of an infantry division. They said both the general officers belong to that district and we are proud of them.