SADIQABAD-The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) is the only political party which raises voice at every forum for the rights of the farmers.

This was maintained by the participants of a meeting held to revamp the party organisation in Union Council (UC) 264/P here the other day. The meeting was chaired by PPP former UC 264/P chairman Farooq Aziz Gujjar.

Addressing the party workers, he said that he believed in public service and would fulfill the demands of the people of his constituency. He said that the PPP would regain the popularity and rule it enjoyed in Southern Punjab in the past. He vowed to make all out efforts for the success of PPP candidate Murtaza Ahmed in the upcoming general elections.

On the occasion, PPP workers including Nasrullah Sher, Asif Bajwa, Ashiq Ali, Maqsood Ahmed and Malik Ishaq were assigned to different positions for the party organisation at local level.

Woman thrashed for

complaining to police

A man allegedly thrashed his sister-in-law and ripped her clothes for filing a complaint against him in police station at Basti Chachra Darri here the other day.

According to police sources, Madiha Naseem, resident of Chak 24, Basti Chachra Darri filed a petition in the court of Additional and Sessions judge stating that suspect Shabbir Ahmed, her husband's younger brother, along with his two accomplices barged into her house. She alleged that the suspects thrashed her, dragged her by hair and ripped her clothes to avenge a complaint against him submitted to police by her husband.

She said that her cries alerted the neighbours who rushed for her rescue, adding that the suspects would have killed her had the neighbours not responded to her shouts. She demanded the police-ups to provide her security and deal the accused with sternly.