By Mohammed Omer Zahir

Today, most of the people become reluctant, when it comes to study with focus. There are many students who don’t want to study because what learning means to them is like a state of trauma. Many, like me, who try their level best, cannot concentrate properly while studying. 

Illness, weakness, or any state of tension, anxiety, and mental disorders might be the reasons behind the lack of the interest of the children in studying properly. In addition to this, the point or the zone of the interest of an individual is also of great significance to opting for the right subjects.

For instance, students having a phobia of picking mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, zoology, botany and engineering are more likely to choose subjects of humanities like fine-arts, history and music or others in the category. I believe that the selection of the right subject is an important factor to play its part in the one’s academic year of the study. So from the views above, what I feel is to pick the right subjects, where you feel, you have an edge.

However, our socially constructed mind forces us to do the thing which we considers superior. Like, we guys feel that to take science and engineering will be more effective then to selects arts or history in our practical life. In some cases, it is the parents who guide their kids, whether to take science/engineering as the major subjects for the academic year. But, parents remain unaware of the fact that their kids are struggling with the subjects, whom they prefers for them. The decision might result in the academic collapse of the children.

So to avoid the failure, parents should give the kids, right of selecting the subjects for themselves in which they feel comfortable. But, they should study with the goal and zeal of becoming Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Jabir ibn Hayyan, Aristotle, Plato or Socrates of their coming time. Even, after taking their own decision in selecting the subjects, there are many students who want to fly on the top of the skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa of Dubai or Kingdom Centre (Burj Al Mamlaka) of Riyadh, but they can’t.

Here are some funny but motivational tips for them, like we love to play videogame of any genre like action or fighting game with too much devotion and enthusiasm that we become eager to finish it at any cost. So why not we surf our energy in study like we does in playing videogames. In other words, what I conclude is that the students should keep their eyes equally intact in study, as they do so in performing other activities.     

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 25, 2017