BY: Abdul Hakeem Khan


What is smog?

Smog is a combination of two words smoke and fog.

It signifies a form air pollution that seems like a mixture of smoke and fog, particularly in cities.


Presently, the whole world is in much discomfort form extreme weather likely to happen under certain Circumstances caused by climate change.


In the weather system EL-NINO and LA-NINA plays a vital role. Warm weather and cooling on the weather respectively. The smoke and fog creates invisibility.


Tentatively, such as storms, hurricane, floods, melting of ice scarcity of foods droughts, changes

In agriculture,earthquakes,greenhouse gases, burningof agriculture residues, wars, epidemics

And smog. The Government had failed to take emergency action.


Irksomely high level of dampers in the air and shortage of wind near the emission had become trapped in surrounding especially the low or zero visibility caused by smog forced to closethe motor and high ways electricity lines in Punjab province. Many accidents took place and people lost their lives. The school going children’s are more effected.


Smog is not a natural calamity it is made by man itself, but the fog is a naturalphenomenon.


Ø  Now Pakistan will trace alternative methods from chines help to end the smog relatedProblems of break down.

Ø  Government getup six units in Lahore they link measures in proved the air quality with in city

As noon 5 was the worst day of the last smog spell.

Ø  Fire to agriculture residentis barded and a fire their two burning of tire in the clam charges selorture.


Ø  The smog is spreading disease like cough, fever, ear, and throat infection. Take medicine to      prevent disease through Doctors.

Ø   Use mask cover heads and use goggles.

Ø   Young once carefully use warm dresses and do not go out in smog areas.

Ø   Every house on ground plant a tree.

Ø   Clean your house and in front of yours too.

Ø   Do not spread rubbish.

Ø  If the air quality index crossed the rating of 430 government (Health Ministry announced health Emergency).

Ø  Rain will reduce or removed the smog.

Ø  Take warm tea and coffee and dry fruits.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 25, 2017