By Dua Khawar

Chapter 1

One sunny day Sara, Anna and Watson were going to take ice-creams for their cousins Alen, John and Sania . Sania was the eldest she was 14 and Alen was 12 , John was youngest he was 8. The temperature was too hot that day not even a sound was coming because nobody wanted to come out of their homes. So, when they entered the ice-cream parlour there was nobody there. Only a sleepy watchman and a nosy accountant. The nosy accountant said quickly I have no time to deal with you little bunnies, the parlour is closed. The three of them said we have visited many parlours but all of them referred us to your parlour claiming it to be the best available option.  So we came here.

The nosy accountant said, “ ohhhhhh! how many do you want? (the kids were lying) and accountant was very pleased at this. The trio laughed in their heart. Sara was giggling and Anna refrained her from his silent laugh as the accountant might have caught their lie. Watson continued saying,  I think Sania likes the coffee flavor and Alen loves double chocolate said Anna. John likes the ice lolly and you know me too said Watson excitedly.

The finalized the order and said, “We want six ice-creams, two in coffee flavour and two double chocolates, not to forget two ice lollies, shouted Watson. Shhhh said Sara and Anna so these were the three siblings but they love each other too much but they don’t know how many problems will come in the future.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on August 19, 2017