By Dua Khawar

Everyone is busy in his or her work except me. I am getting bored I go to Dad and said “Dad it’s Sunday let’s go somewhere” My Dad replies “Dear I am sorry I have to fix extension” Ohh Dad please! Nops said Dad “Huh now what shall I do” afterwards I go to my elder Brother (SAAD) Saad Bhai can we please go somewhere like park. “Sorry I am watching TV right now” ohhhhhhhh what a headace leave I shall go to my sister (MANAL) Apa would you take me to the food court let’s have something shall we eat OPTP (ONE POTAEO TWO POTATOE) Duaaa you know I am doing my work can you just please stop irritating me. OKKKK!!!!. “Don’t shout go away”. I asked my little brother (ASAD) want to go outside and play” NOPS. But why”. you can see that I am eating speggatie want to have some he said . NO Thanks I said . My Mother was working in Kitchen and I said Mom can I help you NO Thanks Dear. What can I do now my mom advised me to study and this was the one and only thing to do but wait I have one more thing to do my favourite thing to do write articles for young Nation HURRRRAAAA after writing my Blog me my father, mother, sister and brothers went to mall their we enjoyed optp and watched a movie then we went to park and enjoyed the swings.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 9, 2017