By Ghania Danish

Winters can be a major problem for loads of people out there, don't worry, because these survival tips for winters are so helpful and the best one's a person could wish for! Ok! So, honestly all of us share the same embarrassing dandruff issue which you never knew could be sorted out in a few days. Most of us feel like digging ourselves in the ground when one of our friend questions us about the white dandruff flakes on the shoulders of our school blazer or the white flakes on our scalp. Gosh! If you are going through this, then I surely have a basic tip to save you. Oiling your hair twice a weak reduces 70% of dandruff while rubbing lemon on your dry scalp helps decrease the dandruff hold on your scalp. Talking about rosy and chappy lips! Who doesn't long for those lips. To avoid dry and peeled lips in winters especially, the perfect remedy is to make use of honey, beetroot, rose petals and milk mixture which has totally given life to my lips and the freshness it needed. Moving on the dried up and the itchy hands and sales of the feet we get in winters can totally be super annoying and irritating. Especially when we wear boots or any comfortable shoes, our rough skin may hurt peel off. As I mentioned before, no worries because you will never regret trying this simple remedy which people don't give importance to. By using lotions like Vaseline or by using the lotions which contain vitamins E and C, you can, of course, get smooth and nourished skin. I would now love to shore a simple hack which is a totally different one than the rest. For all those who are not morning people find trouble waking up early in the morning for school or work, drinking coffee can totally energize you and you can start off your mornings pumped up spirit and energizing soul.

So, I hope you make use of these little and reliable hacks which you never knew ever existed and could be absolute life savers in this chilly weather.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 2, 2017