By Shaikh Asfandyar Azhar

Once upon a time there was a very clever old man who was very poor and hardly had any money to buy anything. One day he saw a man selling apples in a basket on the corner of the street. The old man asked how much one apple was for and got the reply that it was for 400 Rs because they were imported. The old man wanted to try the apples and he was lucky because a child had given him 500 Rs. When he got home he started cutting the apples and found out that the apples were not real they had coverings of red layers that made it look like an apple. The next day he called the police and got the man arrested.

Five years later....

The old man was selling apples while the same man who got him arrested came to him and asked him how much one apple was for? Recognizing his face the old man said the same thing he was told by the man five years ago. Seeing the surprised face of the man he said that it was for 20 Rs. The man understood who the old man was and said sorry for cheating him and he promised that he would never do it again.


We should always speak the truth and never cheat people.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 30, 2017