By Dua Khawar

Class 5-A

Hey Guys! I know you all know about this book. This book is very famous in Pakistan and abroad as well. You can buy from any book store in Pakistan or any Library I have read this book and I thought let’s talk about this in Young Nation. This book’s author is Enid Blyton she is a very famous writer she has written many books such as the Circus Days Again, Naughtiest Girl and many more. She is a role model for women. The illustrator of that book was Eileen Soper. This book is about 5 brave children. Adventures and many twist and turns in the book are included there are 21 series of this book. I am sure if you will start to read this book you will probably be a Book Worm or Reader Rabbit. I hope so you will read this because this book is thrilling. It is an amazing story. Go and Read now!!!!!!!

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on October 21, 2017