By: Raazia Syed

Last week I attended a wedding ceremony where Ispecially noticedthat wristwatch was not presented to the groom. In our childhood, when we used to go to weddings wrist watches were very popular gift for groom from the bride’s family.

But as I described earlier,now with a passage of time, our trends havealso beenchanged. Now, our lives are more robotic than before due to the social media.

We have settled different priorities resultantly fashion trends have also been transformed. Nowadays,people use their mobile for checking time instead of wrist watches. People love to buy expensive cell phones as a substitute of wrist watches.

Switzerland is the only country of the world,where wrist watches are made in large number, likewise the famous watch maker company “Rolex” makes luxurious watches. According to the latest report “Rolex” makes 2000 wrist watches per day.

These “Rolex” watches are simply designed but most of the time their prices are higherthan Ferrari cars. Although, very few people love to use wrist watches, young generation prefer to wear colorful wristwatchesand watches like bracelets. The less use of these wrist watches has also effected on the business of watch makers or dealers.

However, in this modern era whether we use mobile or wrist watches for checking time , our time for our loved ones is more important than anything else . It’s the only bitter reality of our society that we try to be moresocial on social media but don’t have any concern about our family problems. From today, let’spromise for sparing time for our family and friends.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on December 30, 2017