By Sabene Rizvi

To me, the most important things for a friend is kindness, loyalty and helping other people. This is not based on a true story, this is a true story. Sara was bullied a lot by her classmates. One day her class told her to breakup with her best friend, if she didn’t do they would break all ties of friendship with her. She didn’t want to do it but under peer pressure she did it but it was destroying her inside. She could not do it even until break time. “Sara, who are they? They are not real friends; true friends accept you and your friends”. She walked up to her friend and apologized, sat down to eat lunch with her and within two minutes all of her class said, “Did you forget what we said”. She said, “I don’t need friends like you”.Sara was continuously bullied afterwards but by being happy and ignoring them, she annoyed them. Sara grew up to be the head of the anti-bullying squad, she would be helpful, kind and would protect all the children.

 Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 9, 2017