KARACHI - The father of a young tailor killed by police in an alleged encounter has demanded that CCTV footage of the incident should be made public so that people know the truth.

He called for re-arrest of the policemen linked to the encounter and inclusion of Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act in the FIR registered against the police team, which took part in the alleged encounter.

At a press conference accompanied by lawyer and rights activist Jibran Nasir, victim Maqsood’s father Sher Khan said the CCTV footage would show the reality of the encounter and expose the police claims.  Khan said that police killed his son in a fake encounter just to get reward from the department; he was not carrying any weapon. Nasir said he had seen the footage and it clearly showed policemen shooting innocent Maqsood in a staged encounter.  “The police mobile was following a rickshaw. The rickshaw overturned after the police opened indiscriminate fire. Later, the policemen, especially ASI Tariq, took the suspected criminals to the footpath and shot them. He then moved to the rickshaw and shot Maqsood multiple times,” Nasir said quoting the CCTV footage. He said that suspected criminals had no arms with them.

“Initially, we were demanding exhumation of body of Maqsood because a bullet was left in his body, according to the post-mortem report,” says Nasir. “The reason for exhumation was to confirm whether the deceased was shot with a 30 bore pistol or a 9mm pistol. Police had said the suspects used 30 bore pistols,” he said. He said the case has taken a new turn as the CCTV footage of the incident has been obtained. He said the CCTV footage has cleared everything and confirmed the man gunned down by the police was unarmed.

Nasir blamed senior police officials for hiding facts about the fake encounter. He said that police high ups should make the footage public. He said the police department had earlier announced reward for the policemen who carried out the encounter and some of them hid facts like they earlier said there was no CCTV footage of the incident.

He said there was no progress on investigation into the case even after passage of more than two months. He said the court had declined to accept the police’s interim charge sheet and directed the police to submit a complete charge sheet by March 31. “Police officials had added 7ATA to the FIR registered on behalf of the state for conducting an encounter. He demanded that a separate case should be lodged against the policemen and their facilitators for hiding facts. On January 20, only brother of five sisters, 27-year-old Maqsood was shot dead near Shahrah-e-Faisal.

The police team, which gunned down Maqsood, claimed that he was a criminal and was killed in a shootout. However, a few hours later police authorities renounced their initial statement and issued another statement claiming that an ‘innocent’ citizen was killed in a crossfire between a suspect and the police.

The police claimed to have arrested suspect robbers Ali and Babar, while their accomplice Ibrahim managed to flee. Police said that those arrested were involved in several cases of street crimes and targeted people coming from Karachi airport.