By Ihtiram Ullah

Malakand Agency

KPK, Pakistan

Water is the most abundant compound found on earth. It's existence is the existence of life in this planet. The word "water" refers to the water in liquid state, it's solid state is ice and gaseous form is steam or vapours.

71% of water makes our body. 70% of earth's surface is covered by water. It is necessary for all living thing. A person may pass time as hungry but cannot pass the whole day without drinking a sip of water. It is a universal solvent, means, it can dissolve most thing that is why it becomes polluted very soon. It's cycle involve water evaporation (turning into gas) rising to the sky, cooling and condensing into tiny drops of water or ice then falling back to the ground.

Pure water has no smell, taste or odour. It's pH is around 7. As it's chemical formula (H2O) suggests that is made of up elements with the proportion of 2.1. These elements (Hydrogen & oxygen) have different properties individually then water. For example Hydrogen burns itself and oxygen helps in burning whereas water extinguishes fire.

While most people know that it boils at 100°C (212°F), this is at the normal condition from sea level. The boiling point of water actually changes relative to the barometric pressure for example water boils at just 68°C (154°F) on the top of mount Everest. Water expands as it cools from 4°C to 0°C.

An important use for water in agriculture is irrigation. It is used to produce cheap-costed electricity. Most people around the world have access to clean water but it is a major problem in poorer areas. Water pollution and low quality water can lead to dangerous diseases such as E-coli and cryptosporidium.

The importance of water is recognized by the United Nations through specifying 22 March as Water Day. Nature has gifted Pakistan with great sources of water. We must thank Allah as well as keep water from wasting. As water is becoming polluted so it is our duty to keep it from being contaminated. We must protect our water for better living conditions in Pakistan.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on September 30, 2017