It is an urgent need of time to keep an eagle eye on our norms, attitudes and interpersonal relationships. Islam teaches us well-mannered behavior, politeness and adaption soft corner for others. It proved out to be a panacea to capture numerous obdurate non-Muslims into the fold of Islam. This was an eventual outcome of the peace and prosperity Islam has taught us over the years.

Our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and His Companions played a central role by delivering a message of Allah’s Oneness’’. They adapted towards moral behaviorism and demonstrated their best.

In the worst scenario of ignorance when people knew nothing except hostility, moral corruption, enmity and revengeful passion of killing each other’s from one generation to another. Islam rose above all to earn fame and dignity

There were times of illiteracy and social wreckage where degradation of humanity was at its peak. The advent of Islam caused a universal change to save the human kind from massive destruction and annihilation.

In the Sacred book the Holy Quran Allah Almighty Says; “And speak in good tone with people “The verse elaborates upon the importance of being kind hearted and soft spoken towards others.

Similarly, The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) Said, ’One having the good moral values and good dealing with their home fellows (close family relatives) has the superlative degree of faith. ’In another Saying of The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W), it is narrated, “the best amongst you is who works for the welfare of others.’’

In terms and conditions of good behaviorism, when we glance deeply beyond our social, economic and moral aptitudes. It is very viable fact that we tend to have a critical approach for others rather than being a role model of moral values to eliminate ill-treatment and misconceptions. Rude behavior in itself is gaining ground for misunderstanding and quarrelsome issues. This kind of behavior is not restricted to a particular class instead ranges from all social classes.

Lack of good behaviorism has given rise to numerous problems like psycho-patients, robbers, culprits, black mailers to crush running affairs of the state. It is our obligation to create an atmosphere of good behaviorism and we may refer to the following quotes:

‘’Manners and politeness will never become old fashioned.’’(Auliq Ice)

‘’The best apology is changed behavior.’’(Unknown)

Besides this, for a Naya Pakistan we should avoid quagmire of hot talk and avoid hitting each other through guns of bitter criticism. All of us must cling with optimism and support our country in times of economic distress. The recent release of wing commander Abhinandan is a great gesture of peace by our Prime Minister Imran Khan and we should remain hopeful for the peace to continue.

Steps taken by PM Imran Khan has gained a sincere moral support from brotherly countries like Saudia Arabia, Turkey and our foremost ally, China. Imran Khan, through his diplomacy and statesmanship has tried to keep peace at an arm`s length.

It is up to Mod`s India to learn a lesson from concrete steps of good behaviorism taken by our country and other countries for survival of peace in the region. There is famous quote to empower this idea,’’

‘’The test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones, (Salmon Ibn Gabrial).


Khushab, March 10.