I still see many classifications amongst women. The dos and don’ts of being women are way beyond ones understanding.

The modern woman comes into existence when a girl sets foot in the world, she is nurtured similar to a boy however; she is to play with ponies, babies, and having cribs. Those do not have to be mutually exclusive either.

Our society expects modern woman to be just as good as a man--and I mean starting in grading school. We have come to the point that there is equality, but that equality seems to be only when we turn 18 and in college---before that it is very murky and dependent upon on teachers.

A modern woman accepts that being a woman will probably be complicated and does not judge other women for their choices. In the pendulum of equality, between working at home, staying at home, the types of careers, etc., other women are the harshest critics. We still judge other women harshly.

A Modern Woman accepts that men and women are different and celebrates it. The question is to what extent is celebration justified. The fact that women are rising above all, advocating for their rights does not threaten men at all. I know I might face criticism for that statement but still.

Our society and economy, has room for all of us, and the danger in thinking that as women we may get more rights, etc. it means that it’s easier being a woman. It probably never will be

Thus, I do not think, the rapid changes in our society will threaten men. It just means women will continue to have to make tough choices, but it would be nice to do so without societal concerns and constraints.


Karachi, March 10.