The Three-Mile Accident

On 28th of March 1979. The Three Mile Island Nuclear Generation Station in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania experienced a partial melt down of their nuclear reactor also known as TMI-2.

Three Mile Accident faced a number of investigations followed by studies. It was a combination of equipment malfunction, design inefficiency and operating errors. However, the Accident resulted in minute radioactive releases with no major health effects; it is one of the most notable accidents in the history of Nuclear Power Generation.

The Three Mile Accident proved out to be a triggering point for enhanced reactor safety in the states and across the world over the years. As NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Authority) increased various measures to ensure safety, it did face severe anti-nuclear activists and public concerns. In fact, the accident crystalized an anti-nuclear movement for the times to come.

As of today, the steps that followed the Three Mile accident still ensure technical safety of the nuclear reactors around the world.