TIMERGARA                -               The residents of Neigh­bourhood Council Mal­ak Abad Balambat Friday vowed to fully cooper­ate with the district ad­ministration in this hour of need and to follow all instructions issued by the district administra­tion and health depart­ment as part of pre-emp­tive measures against the pandemic coronavirus.

In this connection, a meeting was held at Bashir Iqbal Cricket Acad­emy at Malik Abad Balam­bat yesterday where the participants were stand­ing at a distance of two meters from each other.

District Youth Officer (DYO) Izhar Uddin, Co­ordinator Dir Qaami Pa­soon (DQP), a non-gov­ernmental organization Jehan Alam, ex-nazim Ma­lik Abad, Nawab Alam, ex-naib nazim Ali Bakht, Shah Faisal Advocate, Chairman Raza-e-Ilahi Foundation, a welfare organization Ja­mal Nasir, Khateeb Jamia Masjid Malik Abad Maula­na Faiz-ul-Ghafoor, social activists and a large num­ber of locals attended the meeting.

It was decided in the meeting that the resi­dents of NC Malik Abad would fully cooperate with the district adminis­tration and health depart­ment by following whole­heartedly all instructions issued by the authorities.

It was also decided in the meeting that the residents would strictly avoid hugging and shak­ing hands while greet­ing each other besides remaining inside homes for their own safety.

While speaking on the occasion, Izhar Uddin, Je­han Alam, Akber Khan Lala, Shah Faisal, Nawab Alam and Ali Bakht urged the residents to adopt preemptive measures for their own safety as they said the only treatment to the silent killer was adopt­ing preemptive measures.

The residents were asked to take the matter very serious and adopt safety measures including washing hands with soap repeatedly, using masks, avoiding touching mouth and eyes with hands and limiting their unnecessary movement besides avoid­ing unnecessary gather­ings and social communi­cations and ensure their own safety as well as the safety of their children and family members.