BADIN                -                       After the prevailing situation of COVID-19 and imposing of the complete lockdown in all the districts of province Sindh, the common people specially laborers, farmers, fishing communities and like others were being affected badly which drew the attention of the rulers and philanthropists to heed them for assistance.

It had been passed five days after promulgation of lockdown in Sindh which directly and indirectly left its affects over the lives of common people. Talking to media social activist of Badin, Abu Talib Khaskheli expressed his concerned that lockdown was better to halt the spread of coronavirus but on the other hand, it left the bad affects over the lives of the common people.

He added that for the last five days, laborers and others daily wagers were compelled to sit in the homes and had no option for the earning. Farmers, daily wagers and fishing community were affected directly and their whole families were on stake of starvation. The livestock was the major livelihood option of mostly poor people of rural areas but now all markets were closed and no one went to market for purchasing in this tough situation, there was hard to live the lives, he added.

Abdul Hamid, the journalist of town Seerani told that 95pc were farmers, laborers and fishing community in different union councils of district Badin which had been directly affected by the situation of lockdown including fishing community and laborers. He stressed the Government, philanthropists and Non Governmental Organizations of district to come forward to provide ration to the poor people of the district before the situation got worsen and out of control.

Renowned social activist of district, Khadim Talpur expressed that people of rural and urban areas have been in fear that would lead them to economic plight as major population depends on labor, he added. He demanded the assistance of the poor people as irony days of common people would be passed easily. He stressed the politicians to come forward to join the hand of poor people and consoled them in their difficult days.

He told that if any body had flue, headache, sever cough and fever, he must come in the contact with your physicians and make himself quarantined till he felt okay. Wash the hands, use sanitizers and had the water frequent, he advised the common people.