The federal and provincial government’s decision to start putting entire areas under quarantine if they have cases within them is a decision that might be difficult to accept, but is absolutely necessary. As the number of cases of the coronavirus keep rising, it is important to take extensive measures to counter the spread. The objective of this policy is not to give up on affected areas, but to restrict the virus geographically, so that the chances of a mass infection that transcends areas or districts within urban centres is kept to a minimum.

The public in quarantine areas must cooperate with the government in the matter. This is not a set of rules to be flouted; every step the government has taken has been for the protection of our people. This has been evident since November last year, when the state did not give in to demands of bringing Pakistani students back from Wuhan. Now that we have some perspective, refusing to bring potentially infected Pakistanis back to the country might be a reason as to why it took so long for the virus to take root here.

Everyone in the global community, especially medical professionals are painfully aware of the threats of this pandemic. The fatality rate is low, but the rate of infection is astronomical; which requires social distancing and quarantine. The objective is to make sure that the rate of infection is spread out enough so that our healthcare system does not get any more overburdened than it already is. The government is taking the best possible measures in the fight against COVID-19. There is nothing else to be done, since no cure or treatment exists. Prevention is the only cure, and right now it is our job to help the government in every way possible.