Following days after the peace deal between Afghan Taliban, the United States of America (USA), and the Afghan government, the attack at a Gurdwara in Kabul has once again brought out the Afghan government’s failures to light. As reports from Afghanistan make evident, they would rather blame Pakistan and levy baseless accusations instead of admitting that their problems are mostly a result of internal shortcomings.

A country that has two presidents, is plagued with poor governance and has never reciprocated our goodwill cannot pretend that its problems come from Pakistan. It is easy for Afghanistan to follow India’s lead in everything when their perspective is misguided by ill-intentioned minds in government and is only thinking selfishly. India did not waste any opportunity to blame us for the incident and Afghanistan blindly followed suit. The Indian government is naturally going to try and malign a nation that is consistently speak out for injustices in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). The ones who spearheaded talks and attempted to bring some semblance of peace to Afghanistan and by extension, the region.

The government of Afghanistan stops listening to those in government that are not sensible and needs to reach for peace; a path Pakistan and allies have helped structure. It is important for political actors in Afghanistan to responsibly manoeuvre the situation to prevent any war narrative against any country. Now is not the time to be combative. Global peace and unity is needed, now more than ever. Hurling accusations without cause is of no benefit to anyone.