Despite tall claims about 'politics of issues', the current impasse revolves around two individuals; Musharraf on one side and Iftikhar Chaudhry on the other. PML (N) wants to see one restored and the other shown the door whereas the PPP holds the diametrically opposite position. For Pakistan economy, transfer of political power to the elected representatives and ensuing political turmoil is occurring at an exceptionally difficult time. The country has faced many economic disasters but the current crisis is much deeper than those it has endured before. The government (whatever little of it we have seen so far) has come to a grinding halt with the withdrawal of PML (N) ministers. The breakdown of the fragile coalition seems imminent. In the process entire nation is being held hostage but none of the parties (elected representatives, judiciary, lawyers, civil society) appear concerned at all. All parties are adamant about their respective positions with looming chaos, civil unrest, disturbances and further miseries for the masses. Who is right and who is wrong continues to be fiercely debated. The fact is that both the main personalities have become highly polarized. May be they are both equally patriotic. Without questioning their moral high ground, it is high time that both individuals consider and negotiate a simultaneous graceful departure from the scene to end this national trauma. Let us face it, this stalemate would continue and perhaps escalate even if the judges get restored somehow. Nawaz would like to see Musharraf's back at all costs and Zardari would never be comfortable with Iftikhar Chaudhry in the saddle. Nothing short of the disappearance of these two personalities from the scene would satisfy either party. -Q. KAZMI, Sharjah, UAE, via e-mail, May 14.