ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) has closed its eyes over the professional beggars swarming in Noor Pur Shahan, where the five-days festivities of the annual Urs of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif (RA), commonly known as 'Barri Imam', is in full swing. The ICT had launched anti-beggars drive and assured to take stern action against the professional mendicants but in vain. With the commencement of the Urs, the beggars also reached the shrine along with devotees across the country. It has been observed that the ICT Administration, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad Police and Auqaf Department badly failed to control the rising numbers of beggars during the Urs. Akram Ali, a visiting devotee, said that all the professional beggars began to grab alms from the visitors of the shrine. He also alleged that the drug users have no nuisance by the police to enter the premises of the Urs. The women beggars have sought a more effective way for inspiring the visitors, having their children over their shoulders and crying for help. Amina, a beggar, said that she belonged to Gujar Khan and was there from the first day of the Urs.. She earned much more as compared to where she begged before, she maintained. All her family members, as she stated, were present at Nurpur Shahan, a day before the start of the Urs and began to collect alms. Naveed Ahmed, hailing from Rawalpindi, said that ICT has no concern with the beggars who were disturbing the people and remained sit under the camp. He said, "If there is ban on the beggary then how they enter from the walk-through gates". He also alleged that these professional beggars pick the pockets of the devotees in the long queue to enter the mausoleum. Beside this, many of them forced people to buy water, sacred stickers, mala of the flowers and the rose petals despite lacking will of the masses. They put the mala in the neck, paste the stickers and blackmail the people to buy it. Naqash Haider, a shopkeeper, said that the ICT should take action against these professional beggars and strictly penalised the violators.