KARACHI - More than one month has elapsed the Sindh ministers took oath of offices and were allotted respective portfolios but still many of them are not aware of their administrative jurisdiction and have no office to sit. In some cases, they have not been even provided the office staff. The people had pinned hopes in the new government for early solution to their problems such as unemployment, law and order, health and education. But their hopes have yet to see the dawn of the day. In a survey conducted by The Nation, long queues of people, haling from far-flung areas of the province while carrying applications for the rectification of their problems, were seen at the Sindh Secretariat in the scorching sun. But they were disappointed due to total mess at the provincial secretariat because the officers in a number of ministries were waiting for new postings while some were busy in pulling strings to get prized positions. A select group of bureaucrats, who was staffed at the CM House in the previous government, is still in charge of various key departments. They are responsible for prevailing uncertainty in provincial governance as these officers are still making transfers and postings. CM Syed Qaim Ali Shah is busy on the political front leaving the administrative affairs to the caprice of this group of bureaucrats, who are patronising their friends and relatives in the name of chief minister", PPP leaders complained. Sources said that an unimportant file, which would travel quicker in the last government, is now taking more than a week to go from one table to another. Sources in the secretariat said that a number of ministers are unaware of their jurisdictions and are intruding into the areas out of their portfolios merely to get photo sessions. "The ministers close to the top PPP leadership have not only got ministries of their choice but have also been allotted offices and staff. These ministers even do not take their boss into confidence while taking major policy decision in their respective ministries", sources further said adding, however, a big number of ministers without political clout and little access to the CM House are like vendors doing their ministerial business sitting in temporary offices. The administration is totally at stand still. All these messy conditions will certainly affect the budgetary recommendations, sources maintained.