Consider the thinking that goes with the order of the Prime Minister of Pakistan: "The inter-tehsil transportation of wheat crop is banned forthwith". The Government of India, on the other hand, has announced that "export (abroad) of rice and wheat is suspended till the government reserves are full". One country knows where its borders are and allows commodities to travel the length and width of the country so that the farmers can get the best return on their investment. In the other case, full force of the law is unleashed upon the farmers, marginalizing them and forcing them to sell to the lowest bidder/extortionist. Clearly, in the case of Pakistan the borders are yet to be defined and they appear to be a summation of tehsils where subservient farmers exist. By giving police the authority to seize and detain ordinary citizens taking their possessions from one place to another, the PM has indicated that he is also a mouthpiece of the disgraced President and his It's going to be a summer of discontent with or without the CJP in his seat. -A PUNJAB FARMER, via e-mail, May 15.