ISLAMABAD (NNI) - Pakistan believes that India is 'dragging its feet' on the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline and has told Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee that if New Delhi continues to linger this issue Islamabad would go ahead and sign a deal with Iran. In an exclusive interview to an Indian newspaper, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said he hoped for a reply on this issue on his visit to New Delhi in June. Qureshi also said Pakistan was ready to 'incorporate India's concerns' on Siachen and said that he had given a package proposal to Mukherjee during his last week's visit to Islamabad. With the newly elected PPP government the time was ripe for new opportunities, said the Minister and that is why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should visit Pakistan this year, he added. 'If he (the Prime Minister) wants to leave his name in history, he must come. If he misses this opportunity, it will be sad for all of us', Qureshi said. On the Siachen issue, he said, 'I personally feel the Indian political leadership understands the significance of what I am saying. I was being told that Indian Army is a bit reluctant on the Siachen issue'. Time and again during the interview, Qureshi pointed out that a buoyant economic relationship could significantly help improve the political atmosphere. Pointing out that Pakistan was severely deficient in energy needs, he said he told Mukherjee that Pakistan 'would love India to join the IPI project, but had, meanwhile, already decided to go ahead with it. 'We cannot wait any more', he said, adding that India was 'dragging its feet' on the issue. Discussions on IPI had already taken place with the Chinese government when he visited Beijing a few weeks ago. 'If China is willing, and western China is deficient (in energy), then it could be IPIC. Or, it could just be IPC', Qureshi said. Asked about India's security concerns for the gas pipeline, Qureshi said both sides could surely find answers to that. 'There are so many security concerns, and they can be answered in a way to India's satisfaction', Qureshi added.