KARACHI - Welcoming the shelving of Kala Bagh Dam project for good by the federal government, Sindh Information Minister Shazia Marri says the decision would strengthen the federation. She said the PPP stand on Kalabagh Dam that it was unfeasible for the country, has been vindicated. Speaking at a news conference at Sindh Secretariat on Tuesday, she said that the move on Kalabagh Dam as announced by federal minister WAPDA Raja Pervaiz Ashraf would strengthen the federation because the issue had remained a bone of contention among the provinces for years. She said Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was against the project and had staged a sit-in at Kamo Shaheed, Ubaro on August 10, 1998 against the construction of Kalabagh Dam. She said that assemblies of three provinces had already rejected the project and the intelligentsia of Punjab had openly spoken against the construction of the Dam. "The announcement which was made in Punjab was very welcome, she added. Flanked by Sindh Minister for Revenue Murad Ali Shah, Minister for Population Welfare Jam Mehtab Dahar and MNA Dr. Mahreen Bhutto, Shazia Marri said that the announcement was a slap on the face of those who had said that PPP whenever in opposition takes a different stance from the one when it advocates while in power on various issues including Kalabagh. She said her party had proved that what they speak and promise while in opposition; implement when they come in power instead of reneging on the promises. The Minister said that her party had always taken stance that the project was impractical because provincial assemblies of Sindh, NWFP and Balochistan had passed resolutions against it and the PPP, being a federal party, could not undertake a plan, which negated the principles of federalism. "Whether in opposition or in power, the PPP has always talked about the masses", Marri maintained. She said that Kalabagh Dam was not fulfilling the energy requirements but was creating hatred among the federating units. She said that energy was part of party's manifesto and the government had been working for increasing the use of alternate energy resources. To cope with the growing energy shortage, the government is mulling over to set up Thar Coal project, solar and wind mill projects, she said and hoped that the energy crisis would be overcome next year. When told that the international donor agencies were willing to finance the construction of Dam, she said it was not matter of finance but as the entire project was against the interest of Pakistani people, so the question of someone promising money for the project was irrelevant.