I had always admired Salman Taseer as one who made the right decisions in life and became affluent through sheer hard work. Today he reportedly owns 19 business houses including a paper and a TV channel, and has very useful 'friendships'. But what I heard and saw from Salman Taseer while he was assuming the office of the Governor Punjab was pride being taken in nothing except being a PPP party man. Well, I am a Pakistani and do not believe in that sort of a thing in national matters. Perhaps, time is ripe for a talk about the make up of PPP and tell PPP men what they may not like to hear. The sole interest of Asif Zardari is to get all cases of his corruption withdrawn. He has a price to pay to General Musharraf from whom he can get what he needs. The opportunity is unique and suits both. Judiciary and its independence be blown. It does not suit either of them. One has to save his chair and the other has to protect himself from revival of cases. Both trust only the PCO judges. I ask Taseer does he wants to be a part of this quagmire? Mr. Governor you want to turn Lahore into Larkana and think it will be a PPP majority province. Do not underestimate Lahore. Here is a friendly advice for you. A Governor is usually the constitutional head of administration who conducts himself on a fair and non-party basis. In Pakistan, Governor of Punjab is the eldest gubernatorial son of the federal government with whom all serious matters and opinions are discussed by the center. He is able to advise the president on the right course of action. Time has come when all judges should be restored honourably to pre-PCO position and PCO judges be made adhoc judges. Democracy has to become fully functional. PPP is back to its traditional role of selling national interests for petty gains. But we shall brave it and inshallah reverse all that Zardari is doing in connivance with Musharraf. If it can be done on the strength of a gun, it can always be undone in the honorable and legal way of a simple majority decision in the National Assembly. We shall submit all the cases of corruption to investigation. The nation must know the facts Whatever is illegally attained, is our national property, which must come to national coffers to pay for direly needed projects like Kalabagh dam. Believe me it could be as much. -HADI IQBAL HUSSAIN, Lahore, May 26