LAHORE-In a major development which will remove a major irritant between the PPP and PML-N and give a new lease of life to their alliance, Nawaz Sharif has accepted in principle the PPP proposal to fix the tenure of the Chief Justice. The breakthrough, which has also brightened the prospects of an early reinstatement of judges, came at a meeting between Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad, also attended by senior leaders from both sides on Tuesday. This was the first meeting of the top leaders of both the coalition partners after the PML-N puled out of the govt on May 13. It is learnt that Nawaz Sharif is ready to accept the fixing of tenure for the Chief Justice and has given his full nod to the PPP to move ahead on this count. Originally Nawaz Sharif was opposed to any move that will shrink the tenure of the Chief Justice including any fixing of the tenure, pleading all along the reinstatement of judges through a Parliamentary resolution without any bar. The insiders disclosed that both Nawaz and Zardari had detailed discussion on the various aspects of the package including the clause that restricts the tenure of Chief Justice to three years. It is learnt that once again Zardari has prevailed over Nawaz Sharif to accept this proposal to resolve the judges issue. The softening of Nawaz's stance in this respect would now pave way to evolve an early consensus over the Constitutional package unveiled by the PPP recently, seeking to restrict the powers of the President. The sources said that the meeting was held in a very cordial atmosphere. The body language of the top leaders too was encouraging. During the meeting Nawaz pressed that the PPP govt should restore the judges at the earliest. Nawaz told the PPP leadership that judges should be reinstated at once while tenure whether three years or five years could be fixed later on, leaving the PPP top leaders with no option but to get their its acts together and make arrangements for the restoration of judges. Meanwhile, PML(N) leader Ishaq Dar met Zardari the other day and told the local media that Zardari was ready to extend the tenure of Chief Justice upto five years. In the Constitutional package prepared by the PPP, tenure of CJ has been fixed at three years, making political circles doubtful whether the Constitutional package would be acceptable to PML (N) or not. With this hitch now being overcome, the PPP is in a position to introduce the package at the earliest in the Parliament.