Punjab has expressed its reservations regarding the termination of the Kalabagh Dam Project and said that it would raise the issue before the Federal Government. Talking to a private news channel, Punjab Senior Minister Rana Sanaullah Tuesday said, "Punjab government has not been taken into confidence in this regard". He said that the issue was not raised in any Cabinet meeting and that was why they had certain reservations regarding cancellation of the project unilaterally. "We think that Kalabagh Dam is in the interest of Punjab as well as for the Sindh province and the project could benefit to the whole country", he added. Highlighting the benefits of the project he said that the dam would not only provide water to the irrigation lands but also help to overcome the shortfall of electricity in the country. Rana Sanaullah said that it was right that the project would be beneficial for Punjab but at the same time he had a firm belief that the issue would be solved in consensus with all the provinces. "We do not want to build Kalabagh Dam in a situation when other provinces resist but we say that the matter should be solved taking all the stakeholder along", the senior minister told. He further added that it was the fact that the construction of the dam unilaterally would harm the unity among provinces but there should be a broad- based consensus on the matter and they would accept and respect all such moves in that regard. The matter should be discussed at all forums and Senate is the best place where the issue could be thoroughly discussed and they would accept every decision after the consultations, he added.