ISLAMABAD - "The miniature is a gift of Iran to Indo-Pak and it has a deep influence on other Islamic miniature traditions and mostly related to Persian mythology", said Mashallah Shakiri the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran at opening of exhibition at Jharoka Art Gallery here on Tuesday. He inaugurated an exhibition of miniature paintings titled "Wassli". He took round of the exhibition gallery and lauded of the work of artists. The Ambassador of Iran said that miniature paintings, introduced from Iran with Indian influence, were developed during the Mughal era. As many as six artists displayed their paintings that gave an idea about the number of issues and the depth of medium. Brilliant artist Syed Najam-Ul-Hassan Kazmi, who has been associated with the old masters, displayed two paintings of his recent work. Farah Mehmood, through her work, highlighted social problems. She is heading the Miniature Department of the Fine Art at Comsats University and is also a visiting professor at number of other colleges. She highlighted evil of child abuse in her paintings titled 'Innocence journey'. Another brilliant artist Surraya Salim displayed her paintings. She comes up with really different work as she only painted pink, red and yellow flowers in remembrance of her father. Nadia Rahat has been painting in the old school but has also shown her skills in painting. Maryam Hashmi is also teaching at NCA, Rawalpindi, and is promoting this medium. She has remarkably painted the old and the new styles with the same skill. In contrast Syeda Andaleeb Ali portrayed life in the form of miniature.  The art of miniature is an oldest form of paintings and its origin is from Iran. It is commonly referred as "Wassli". Wassli is a hand-made paper pasted in different layers with each other to prevent damage due to insects. After this treatment the miniature paintings used to be made in Iran and this form of art travelled to the Sub-continent during the Mughal era where it did tremendous progress in the royal Mughal courts. This form of paintings is being taught in the art colleges since long and there have been many names of the senior artists associated with the medium.