General(R) Hamid Gul, according to a Saudi Arabian newspaper, has said that when US gets all the work done from a person or when it sees the person concerned can deliver no more, it removes him from the scene. He gave examples of Ziaul Haq, Z.A. Bhutto etc. He further stated that when Benazir drifted a little from the 'agreement' made by her, she was murdered. He said the US was 'watching" Nawaz Sharif and that he should be careful. I differ a little with General (R) Gul. Instead of Nawaz Sharif watching himself, I would advise him to 'watch out' for Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohamed Choudhry, Imran Khan and Aitzaz Ahsan. -ZAFAR, Nowshera, via e-mail, May 14.