KARACHI - City council members have expressed concerns over the ongoing power crisis in the City and the treasury members tabled two resolutions demanding KESC nationalisation filing a petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan against the criminal negligence of the company in the performance of its duties. The city council session, held on Wednesday under the chair of naib city nazim, Nasreen Jalil, unanimously criticised the KESC attitude. But, the opposition members expressed differences on various points of the resolution and did not participate in the counting process on the tabled resolutions. Treasury member Abdul Jalil tabled the resolution stating that power supply is the lifeline for industrial and commercial progress of the metropolis but 8 to 10 hours daily loadshedding has not only proven disastrous for economy but also made life miserable for the citizens. Opposition leader Rafique Ahmed wanted to express his views on the migration of affected people and army operation but convener told him that ongoing discussion was about the power crisis in the city and city council members should focused on it. But Rafique Ahmed said that whatever Pakistan and its citizens were facing, the immense problems including exodus of millions of people from Swat and other areas was the result of American policies against Pakistan. Treasury member Arshad Qureshi said that Karachi was passing through a difficult period due to the ongoing power crisis and it should be resolved on priority basis. Opposition leader Saeed Ghani said that KESC was responsible for the miseries of citizens in the metropolis and its officers had failed to resolve the power crisis. He demanded the federal government to cancel the privatisation of KESC with immediate effect with a view to provide relief the citizens. Another opposition member Islam Khan said the people involved in the privatisation of KESC were responsible for the present power crisis. Treasury member Arshad Qureshi tabled another resolution regarding the poor performance of KESC and demanded to abolish its privatisation and hand its control over to the CDGK. The opposition members expressed their annoyance that KESC should be handed over to CDGK and rejected the idea and started chanting slogans when they were not allowed to speak on the issue. Arshad Qureshi further said that law and order situation in the country was deteriorating while at the same time Karachi was facing acute power crisis. He termed it a conspiracy against Pakistan. Opposition leader Rafique Ahmed said the people, who were at forefront in the privatisation of KESC, were responsible for present power crisis. He further said that it would be better for the treasury members to consider and review the suggestions and proposals presented by opposition members. On that occasion, Nasreen Jalil directed for the counting of the members in the favour of the resolution but opposition members started chanting slogans against the ruling party. However, after both resolutions were approved on the majority basis, the convener adjourned the session.