MOST little girls are lucky enough to have a granny or two to give them lots of love. Ellie-Jane Bannocks has it even better, with a great-granny and a great-great granny still around to spoil her rotten. The babys arrival means that five generations of women from the same family are alive and well - and living just a few miles apart. In each generation, the first born in the family has been a girl. The matriarch is Mary Pittman, 86, of Basildon, Essex, who had one child, Rita, with her late husband William. Rita, now Mrs Purser, 62, had one son and two daughters. Only one of her children, Dawn, went on to have a family of her own. Dawn, 43, now Mrs Bannocks, had Gemma, now 21, and a younger girl and boy. It is Gemma Bannocks who gave birth to Ellie-Jane six months ago. Mrs Bannocks, a care worker, said it can be confusing having so many women around. 'But nanny Mary never gets confused and she pretty much gets all the names right. Gemma added: 'Its nice to have both my nan and my great-nan alive and now my daughter has got three generations of nans. They treat Ellie-Jane like a diamond and I know shell always have that support. DM