LAHORE - Police officers claimed that main target of the terrorists was the Inter-Services Intelligences building and its inmates. According to the police sources, the terrorist riding the Toyota Hiace tried to hit the ISI building while crossing the barriers. In the FIR registered against the terrorists, it is stated that the assailants tried to drive the explosive-laden vehicle towards the main building of the sensitive agency. The terrorist exploded the vehicle near the barriers over their failure to cross the zigzagging concrete structures due to, what the police sources said, strong resistance the terrorists faced from the ISI personnel who while taking positions at the rooftop of the building opened fire on them, the sources said. The police sources further said that the ISI building, damaged partially in the attack, is used by the agency people for sensitive investigations. The security personnel of the said agency who witnessed the scene from the rooftop hit two terrorists quite easily killing both on the spot. While the other riding the vehicle detonated it at the barriers.