WHEN it comes to men, Katy Perry doesnt have a type. The Hot 'n Cold singer says she doesnt look for anything particular in a potential partner - but she does have a thing for musicians. Oh God, I dont have a type. I guess one thing thats the same with all of the men Ive dated is that theyre all communicators and theyre all sensitive, Perry, who is currently dating Gym Class Heroes rocker Travis McCoy, tells the new issue of Complex magazine. I have a soft spot for musicians, a guy who can write a song or say how he feels and put it into a song, and is super poetic. Katy said, Travis is really good at that, and hes just so good at lyrics that I think thats ultimately why I was so attracted to him. But I definitely do not have a type. You know, hes artistic and he has that natural swagger. Perry also addressed recent rumours linking her to Josh Groban and Benji Madden. If you have dinner with someone or happen to be at the same restaurant that the person is at, youre either best friends or youre bumping uglies, she said. SS