WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama will visit Saudi Arabia on June 3 for talks with King Abdullah on the Mideast peace process and Irans nuclear programme, the White House said on Tuesday. The President will meet with His Majesty King Abdullah to discuss a range of important issues, including Middle East peace, Iran and terrorism, said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. The visit comes at a time when Obama is seeking to build an alliance of moderate Muslim nations to pressure Iran to halt its uranium enrichment programme, which Washington claims is a cover to build a nuclear bomb. Iran says its nuclear programme is geared to peaceful purposes. During his recent visit to Washington, Israels hardline Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had one firm message for Obama: Stop Iran, Or I Will. Saudi Arabia is among the US top 15 trading partners. Last year, two-way trade totalled $67.3b, which equalled about 2 per cent of total US exports and imports. Saudi Arabia exported $54.8m worth of oil and few other products to the US in 2008, and imported $12.5b of US goods. After Saudi Arabia, President Obama will visit Egypt on June 4 and deliver a long-anticipated speech about US policy towards the Muslim world. From Cairo, he will travel to the former Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald, Germany. Then, he will go to Normandy, France to participate in ceremonies commemorating the 65th anniversary of D-Day during the World War II.